Thursday, September 27, 2012

crochet earflap hat: white+green+peach

as-salam and very good friday morning...

thanks to Allah for giving a chance to life up to this minute.. giving me a chance to complete all my passion art work.

currently my obsess to crochet hat slightly new addiction is to make a bag, small purse and something new. for crochet kopiah?sorry..damn not interesting..hehe..

but the orders most asking for baby's need to do for extra side income..hehe..even a little side income, but trully i appreciate it so much.thanks to customer..

last but not least, billion-trillion thanks for my lovely hubby and cute daughter for giving me some extra space to fulfill my interest.

here, my latest crochet earflap hat for baby of Azwin..

if interested to any kind of crochet, do PM me at

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