Tuesday, October 30, 2012

CAL: South Shawlete_part 1

as-salam and  have  a nice friends!

 long hibernation from crochet's blog. crochet activities was not hibernate as per blog.i crochet everyday since my CAL shawl project still not yet finished. currently i try to finish the second yarns.for this CAL shawl project i use Alize Diva yarn from Turkey. this yarn was so fragile to handle.easily fibrous. 

last week i took 3 days to separate the tangled yarn.huhu.pity me. my time wasted just because of the tangled yarn.sometime i felt give up to continue the shawl. but the yarn was so expensive(since this is imported yarn) compared to the local one,  but i still manage to settle it because eager to see the nice pattern of  yarn color.

let see the image of my current crochet project. i have 3 days more to complete this shawl!3 days yo..not a long time since i only can crochet about 2-3 hour per days. after no hectic routine as worker ad housewife..

i need to finished this shawl just to give reward to my self!for the first time i crochet for my own daily use, i planned to bring this nice shawl along for my incoming family vacation :).

after i completed this shawl, there more orders to be done. glad to have customer who can wait patiently. next project is to make 5 bottle case, and 3 pieces of medela swing case and sling bag. thanks for your order :).

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

crochet baby booties


tonight i update 3 entry in one shot.happy reading and enjoy my crochet project :)

few weeks before, i got some ordered from Puan Fadzillah for baby booties. she gave me the pictures and detail colour combination as her choice. i tried to make it as per her request. but as amateur, there are still have some untidy work which need to improve later.

8 pairs of baby booties for her adorable daughter been made about 3 weeks time!so long time..huhu.time were so jealous with me. i only can crochet these booties while my daughter slept.

ok you guys..enjoy pics.

if interested to have your, kindly email me at norhafiszah@gmail.com or whattsup/sms  at 0136323715

crochet instagram

assalam n good night everyone..

at  this time, 1 am at midnight (Malaysia time)   i just can online after my cute daughter slept. my hubby went out with friends for chit chatting etc.

my sis, Hasmah asking for camera cover for her Fuji Film Instax Mini camera. i'm thinking about to make her instagram model since nowadays instagram became so popular as well as Facebook.

so let see the crochet camera case with Instagram inspiration. i'm using Indonesian cotton yarn. for the first trial, this crochet cover was not completely covered the camera since the that camera was fat! so i increased layers of the top.

next entry will be crochet baby booties..stay tune ya!!

crochet crocodile stitch: camera pouch

as-salam and good morning,

it just a long hybernation for crocodile stitch..this stitch are simple with the bombastic looking.but to finish it, a long time! hehe..however, my sis's friend, Jiah request to have crocodile stitch for her small camera pouch.

yellow blue combination hopefully make her satisfy. i'm using Indonesian cotton yarn for this project.

if you interested, do email me ya

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Crochet bottle case and blue earflap

As.salam and good morning
Recently i had a problem to upload pictures into my crochet blog.so long time waiting for it. Presenting my latest crochet work

Monday, October 8, 2012

crochet hats: pink lovers


today i manage to post to customer  the pinkies hat as per their request. mummy keen to see her daughter in pinkies hat. so the pattern chosen as per below pics.i just trying to make as per her request.

hopefully she satisfy the outcome product :)

do interested?kindly email me ya

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

crochet hat : cream pink


today i want to share the pictures of latest baby  hat ordered by kak izawani  for her newborn. she asked for simple flower hat(attached pic given).so i follow the pattern chosen.

presenting baby hat in cream and big flower :)

do interested to make urs too, kindy email me ya