Friday, November 2, 2012

CAL: South Shawlete_part 2:complete

as-salam and good evening you alls!!

this week are  hectic week for me. i can only crochet totally 2 hours per day. that 2 hours is total of 40 minutes during lunch hour, and 1 hour at the early morning after performing solat Subuh.

i had to change my  old routine which is slept at 2 am and wake up at 7.00am++always solat Subuh " subuh Gajah: not good at i determine to sleep earlier together with atirah and hubby at 11pm.the changes of routine allow me to wake up earlier in the morning with freshness!.

after performing prayer, i  only have maximum 1 hour to crochet before have my bath and get prepared to office.before, i not having time to prepare breakfast for hubby before we went out to office.with the new routine, i able to do a simple breakfast for him :)

my shawl was not so big. moderate for me but not enough to cover me up. so this shawl suitable to warm my atirah.i used ALIZE Diva yarn which is so  soft.not furred!my shawl also turning shining with the effect of the adorable!!!!

i complete my shawl with the border pattern from My YLM's friend sharing. she shared with us various edging and border crochet pattern. so i chose to make this simple flower to beautify my blue pink shawl.

after finished this CAL project, i need celebration!!!.my birthday is around the corner. hehe:)


becktovintage said...

Salam Aleykum..
Your shawl is so so beautifull. Ohh I like it and also a hard work...:))
I could not celebrate your Eid.. Happy Eid el gurban...:))
Best wishes...

Jaw @ MyGamanBorNeo said...

Huh ... saya pun lega dapat siapkan CAL shawl tu :) rasa sgt2 lega hehehe