Tuesday, October 23, 2012

crochet baby booties


tonight i update 3 entry in one shot.happy reading and enjoy my crochet project :)

few weeks before, i got some ordered from Puan Fadzillah for baby booties. she gave me the pictures and detail colour combination as her choice. i tried to make it as per her request. but as amateur, there are still have some untidy work which need to improve later.

8 pairs of baby booties for her adorable daughter been made about 3 weeks time!so long time..huhu.time were so jealous with me. i only can crochet these booties while my daughter slept.

ok you guys..enjoy pics.

if interested to have your, kindly email me at norhafiszah@gmail.com or whattsup/sms  at 0136323715


mrs gold said...

harga bapa weh...klu anak aku pompuan aku nak tempah..nnt aku update lain

fiszah_pjo said...

hihi.boleh je.booties ni range rm18-25.ikut pada kesimplean dan aksesori.hihi..

Jaw @ MyGamanBorNeo said...

wow ... banyaknya tempahan. cute betul booties yg pakai reben tu.

mrs gold said...

fiszah..aku pinjam gambaq 1 ye...nak boh lam blog...hehehe

Gladys Perfeito said...

Lindos sapatinhos!
Beijos do Brasil!