Tuesday, October 30, 2012

CAL: South Shawlete_part 1

as-salam and  have  a nice friends!

 long hibernation from crochet's blog. crochet activities was not hibernate as per blog.i crochet everyday since my CAL shawl project still not yet finished. currently i try to finish the second yarns.for this CAL shawl project i use Alize Diva yarn from Turkey. this yarn was so fragile to handle.easily fibrous. 

last week i took 3 days to separate the tangled yarn.huhu.pity me. my time wasted just because of the tangled yarn.sometime i felt give up to continue the shawl. but the yarn was so expensive(since this is imported yarn) compared to the local one,  but i still manage to settle it because eager to see the nice pattern of  yarn color.

let see the image of my current crochet project. i have 3 days more to complete this shawl!3 days yo..not a long time since i only can crochet about 2-3 hour per days. after no hectic routine as worker ad housewife..

i need to finished this shawl just to give reward to my self!for the first time i crochet for my own daily use, i planned to bring this nice shawl along for my incoming family vacation :).

after i completed this shawl, there more orders to be done. glad to have customer who can wait patiently. next project is to make 5 bottle case, and 3 pieces of medela swing case and sling bag. thanks for your order :).

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