Thursday, April 19, 2012

project 2: aluminium crochet hook case


while completing my customer crochet hat, i'd love to try new pattern from RAVELRY.. this pattern written by
Priscilla Hewitt. very nice pattern to try. if you interested to try, please do not hesitate to click above link.

in order to organize my crochet hook, i make this as my project 2. since i'm working mother, this project also will take about 4 parts.

today i attached my 1st part of project 2: aluminium crochet hook case_ 6 column striking pink

last night work: only 3 column

part 1 is done: 6 column.
currently i just have 7 crochet hook. but so soon my crochet hook collection will increased..donor by present as a winner in her giveaway.thanks dear

my part 2 project 2 is 6 column baby blue.

hope this project will turn nice also..hihik

p/: today and forward, i will write in english even my english was so broken! is because my foreigner friend do not understard my malay writing. good for me as well..

p/s/s: dont laugh of my broken english ya ..hahha.

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marinahunny said...

eh sama lah, sy pun baru ambik pattern case tu, hahah hook bersepah xtau nk letak mana